25 Popular Cartoon Characters

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I’ve drawn 25 popular cartoon characters within a month, plus Popeye as my project teaser. I picked a topic to draw per week and I’ve also asked my friends and followers on their opinion. The topic includes Heroes, Villains, Fan Favorites, Disney Princesses and TV & Game Cartoon Characters. I also love to animate so I made a simple character animation on one of the illustrations. If you love cartoon and comic characters you should check this out. FREE downloads are also available.


I love making cartoons
and aliens, monsters, robots, cute characters, odd characters, caricature and more. I love to draw and paint, I love to illustrate and vectorize. I just love creating a world full of drawings or illustrations and share them to the world.

I’ve been always inspired about the daily art projects or any long-term time-based projects. So this time I want to challenge myself by doing a similar projec. I want to continuously practice illustration using Adobe Illustrator and post and share works every weekdays now that my social media sites are actively running again.

I started with a theme about popular cartoon characters and set a monthly deadline. I posted each day on weekdays (MTWHF ), a target total of 25 vector illustrations in a month. I’m thinking to do this monthly within a year to transform my skills, gain valuable collective work, learn best practices, share to the community and meet new friends through social media. This project was initially launched in my student projects in Skillshare that helped me push through with my idea and engage with social media for further support.

I really learned a lot through the process of creating daily projects and engaging yourself with new friends you meet online through social media. The challenging part of this project was consistency with the quality of works I’ve posted daily and delivering your promise or goals of the project. What I like about the project is the happiness whenever I’ve finished an artwork and the happiness I’ve received from the online community. Survey questionnaires and fan requests were also fun and inspiring to keep me working with the project. The online community really did helped me succeed on my project so I would like to thank them again for all the participation and support.


Popular Cartoon Characters Progress Board

I hope to work on more daily projects like this because it does not only help me develop my creative skills better but more importantly the good values I keep on developing as an artist and also the support I surprisingly received from the online community. Try it for yourself its really rewarding 🙂

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